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New Leadership Delivering Results for Our Community

    I'm Barbara Barker, resident of Indiana, mother of two, and active member of the community who wants to work for the bettering of our school district. I want to make sure kids have the best education possible while keeping taxes under control for the hardworking taxpayers in our school district. Together, we are building a grassroots campaign to make sure our schools are run with common sense, putting the interests of our students and the people of Indiana first.

    I read and carefully weigh the consequences of any resolution up for vote by the School Board instead of rubber stamping whatever falls in front of me. I will work to get the most out of your tax dollars and help build up our schools, community, and local businesses.

    Our kids and students are the future of Indiana and that is why we need to make sure each student is given the tools and resources they need to succeed while providing a safe and inclusive learning environment. We can provide this without breaking the bank and maintaining tax rates.   

 -Barbara Barker

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