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"I want to make sure kids have the best education possible while keeping taxes under control for the hardworking taxpayers in our school district."
                                                                                                                    - Barbara Barker
Barbara Barker Is...
  • The only Indiana Area School Board member running for election who has never voted for a tax increase

  • Fighting against wasteful spending and keeping the focus on our students' education
  • A proud parent and independent thinker who puts the best interests of the community first


    Barbara wants our students to be equipped for whatever future ventures they find themselves in. Whether a student wants to join the work force or pursue secondary education it is our duty to give them the tools needed to succeed. This can be done by ensuring a safe and inclusive environment for all students.

Small Business

    Barbara values the small business and sense of community that they provide. Walking through our neighborhood you can see the lifeblood of Indiana first hand by walking into any of our mom and pop owned shops. Barbara will work towards building upon the community Indiana has already created and will work alongside those who make our neighborhood our own.

Smart Spending

    Indiana Area School Board is entrusted with millions of your tax dollars and Barbara will make sure that they are being put to good use. Barbara is only interested in spending when she knows it will help our students and community. Barbara puts Indiana first and maintains that the education of our children is put at the center of attention.

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